Now this looks really familiar...

Doug, did you authorize this or is someone stealing your stuff? I can see Doug's new title;

Doug Taylor
First Officer and International Man Of Mystery
When I first started reading it, I was like, I swear I read this before.

Think it be plagarising if they didnt put Doug's name somewhere on the article.
I remember someone posting a while back an aviation web site (flight school I think) that used a picture of Doug with a Skyway Beech 1900 as part of their graphics.
Well, they did give credit to Doug so that's a plus.

And can anyone tell me just where the hell Iberia is?
Okay, thanks! I had never heard of a country called Iberia, but then, there are abouth 170 countries according to the UN now so that wasn't a surprise.

It figures that it's the airline of a country which I can actually pick out on a map.

which leads me to wonder why they're using his page in the first place.. and it's all in english?? wouldn't they want to translate it to spanish?
And if you really want to get technical, there is an accent on the "i".

Si (no accent) means "if".

I think that it is actually in Spanish but the computer translates it knowing what language we use on our own computer, seeing how it doesn't change the Volver link at the bottum, it only changes text.
Actually, if you look the rest of the site is in Spanish. This is just their " A day in the life of an Airline Pilot Un piloto americano nos cuenta en qué consiste su rutina diaria." page.