"Not Valid for any Class After."


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I was doing some snooping on the FAA Pilot database. I didn't realise just how much information is public information. After I found information for me, I just got curious as to what I could find and went back and input some names of people I was once a Safety Pilot for about a year ago. I found in one person's file the notation in the Medical Section:


After a google, I have come to the conclusion that this was followed by a date. But I could not find any information about what would cause this.

I imagine it's stating that if you apply for a first class, it won't revert back to a second class, then subsequently a third class like a normal medical. But what are root causes of this?
This is a Special Issuance. SI's are time limited and require a medical report back to the FAA after a pre-defined period of time (this varies on the condition). You are correct, it prevents one from getting an SI for a Class 1 medical and allowing it to lapse to Class 3 privileges for an extra 4 years withour oversight by the FAA for the underlying medical condition. The time period is generally a year but it can be more or less, depending on the condition and documentation provided to the FAA.