Northwest moving 747s out of the desert?


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Saw this on

Airline Northwest Flight Number 9846 Departure City (Airport) Victorville, CA (VCV) Departure Time 02/16/2004 01:23 AM Arrival City (Airport) Indianapolis, IN (IND) Arrival Time 02/16/2004 07:35 AM Remaining Flight Time 00:00 Aircraft Type Boeing 747-200 Current Altitude 0 feet Current Groundspeed 0 mph Flight Status Arrived

Anyone know what this bird was doing in Indy? Since it's not a major hub for NWA and the Indianapolis Colts are done playing football, the only thing I can think of is a military charter. Any ideas??

John Scheidler
I didn't think they had any 747-200's parked at Victorville. I have only heard about them going to Marana, in Arizonia, to be retired.....

This is probably just a military charter.....