North American Institute of Aviation Conway SC


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This post really does not belong here, but there is no other place to put it. Any information about the school would be very helpful. I went to A&P school there but do not know much about the flight training side of the house. Is there really that big of a diffrence between these smaller academy's and the big ones (ie DCA, FSI). Other than the price of course!!!


I have only visited. When I went to visit, their main building had just burned down. They are building a new one now. I like the place. I really did. The price seemed pretty high for what you got though. I live in Charleston and had considered going there during the week and coming home on the weekends. I couldn't find a lot of people who had been there. A while ago I spoke with 2 students who had been there. I will see if I can find my intial emails with them and get you their number. (don't hold your breath though. It has been a while)
Yeah, shooter, that's cool...

I've known a couple of people that have gone there. My first ever flight instructor was a product of that school, and he was great. Another college buddy went there and did his training.

For the most part, both of them seemed happy with their product, and they got their tickets. I'm flown in the vicinity of the airport there, and all I can say is "TRAFFIC"!!! Especially for SC...