Non-reving and Checking Bags


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Hey, I searched around and couldn't find much that related to my question so here it goes:

I am kind of living all over the place right now. Live part time with the parents in KC, sometimes with friends in Denver, in a crashpad in FMN, and possibly a crashpad in STL in the near future. Last year I got into biking pretty seriously but now I can only go out and ride when I'm back home in KC since that's where all my bikes are.

I have a travel case that I can load my bike in but don't know how things work as far as checking bags (especially oversized ones like my bike case will be) and nonreving. Will I have to pay a fee to have it checked from KC to Denver? I'm fairly sure Lakes will allow me to get it on the plane from DEN to FMN since that's where I work, but I'm not sure about Southwest, Frontier, or United (the companies I ride on from KC to DEN. If anybody has any info on this, I'd love to hear it. Thanks.