Non-Degree Training?


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Does ERAU offer any programs where you do not earn a degree? I already have a four year degree, but would be interested in the 141 programs at ERAU if they were similar in cost to Flightsafety or Comair.

I toured the Prescott campus years ago before college at was very impressed. The only reason I didn't go was that I wanted to have a backup in case someday I couldn't fly all of a sudden (medical, etc.).
I belive that you could just sign up for the flight course as a non-degree student, however, I would recommened against flight training at ERAU. I don't know about Prescott, but here in Daytona it is often difficult to complete ratings in a reasonable amount of time.
There used to be a program called CATER in Deland (about 15 miles from Daytona) that was for non-degree seeking students. I don't know of anyone who flew here at Riddle that wasn't enrolled in classes. I doubt they would let you if you weren't taking at least one class or you weren't employed by the university.

I wouldn't waste my time or money (LOTS of it!) trying to fly at Riddle if you didn't go there. I would look somewhere else. I will admit, the fleet is one of the nicest I've seen anywhere (I don't care what the big name schools say, Riddle has a nicer fleet) but it's just too expensive and you're bound to get the "Riddle Runaround" sooner or later.
I think the CATER program was [censored] down, i have seen some of the Cadets they once flew sitting on the main campus ramp here in daytona. They may have just relocated, but i don't think thats the case.
There is a non degree program called First officer flight training program (used to be called AQTP). It has 72 slots for people with 0 hours and 72 slots for with Commercial, ME, and Instrument rating. Cost is 65K for 0 hours and 35K for the other class. I'll try to paste the link here. /ubbthreads/images/icons/grin.gif