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Looks like I might be flying oversea again. Have a tentative offer in the left seat of a King Air 350 based out of Abuja Nigeria. Looking to see if anyone has any experience flying/living in Nigeria. Been looking to get into a jet stateside but this job's pay/type makes it alluring.



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Yea I have seen that already, doesn't really frighten me. Just want more of the day to day life there, flying, etc etc

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I think it was @Blackhawk who had this in his sig for a while:
3 non-PC lessons from a UN deployment.
1. Never drink with Russians.
2. Never let ChiComs drive.
3. Never do business with Nigerians.

Good luck to you sir.


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I have a good friend that is based in Kaduna; if you ever decide to head that way, let me know and I'll get you in touch. I enjoyed my time in Nigeria.....


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Flew in Nigeria for 2 years, 60 on, 30 off rotation, it was fun, except for waiting for your passengers who are always only 5 min's away


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Fly a mile off centerline of the airways. Lots of GPS dependent pilots out there in my experience...!


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Do they have a decent number of VORs out there? Or is GPS the main thing you want?

It sort of depends on where you are. A fair number of NDBs, a few VORs - especially in coastal areas, but GPS is primary nav it seems. Be super cautious about maintenance, too.