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Well I'm not really new but not really a regular poster either. I actually joined after I read one of the blogs or stories about how the life of a pilot was like. I did some research and thinking and decided that flying is something that I would like to do as a career. Especially since I don't have a wife or any kids or really anything depending on me financially at the moment. So I decided then to look at some schools. My first choice was Embry-Riddle, but I wasn't ruling out other schools as well. I thought about ATP seeing as how I live in GA and I wasn't to far away from Atlanta and I also liked the fact that they had a 90 fast track program(I'm 22 and I feel like its time for me to get myself in gear and do something) but then I also started to look at some of the airlines hiring requirements and found out that most companies prefer a 4 year degree which was something that I did not have. Then thats how I found Middle Georgia College, it was the perfect opportunity, a flight school and a public 4 year college right in GA (think hope scholarship), and it is really affordable. I know that most of yall say don't go to school and major in aviation but I do have a fall back degree if I needed it since I went to school for Automotive Technology right out of high school. I just started flying this week and today I did a couple of landings with my instructor and I must say the first one was more like a crash landing(actually a touch and go) while trying to stay on the center line(keep in mind that I have a total of 1.6 flight hours) and the second landing was a lot better and a lot more centered:nana2:. Thats about all for now if you have any questions about me or anything like that just ask and I will be more than happy to answer, and also thank you for reading my rambling introduction-writing is not my strong point.:D