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Hello all. Already made a few posts...wasn't sure where to introduce myself as I'm still exploring and learning this new site. Name is Nick and fly out of David Wayne Hooks (DWH) in Houston, TX. Been flying for a few years with the goal of becoming an airline pilot. Have dragged my feet through most of my training but am finally a SEL Comm/Inst rated pilot with around 280 total hrs and around 6-7 multi. Currently working on my CFI even though the flight school I fly out of has had a drop off in students and no movement for instructors with hardly anyone hiring. Not the most promising situation for obtaining students and accumulating flight hours, but worse things can happen. Perhaps I'll finish my multi add on first given the situation at the flight school. Had originally intended to get my CFI first then get the add on because I wanted to get some more money in my pocket before I shelled out more for training.

Anyhow, even with only small exposure to this site I can already tell it has many knowledgeable members and look forward to the opportunity to network and learn even more.

Welcome to JC, I'm in the same boat man, just got my commercial, gonna start working on the CFI though.