New Year's resolution: Lose weight.


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I don’t have much time behind the touch screen stuff, but they are becoming a pain to manipulate while airborne. The only time it gets bumpy is when I try to finger fornicate the 355. Smooth as glass otherwise.
However... it talks back and forth from foreflight on the iPad, which is awesome. It even talks to my watch, which is the dumb side of cool as well.
I bet I’m only at 50% of full usefulness of the new toy.
Its shinny and new, so my club homeboys are flying it a lot. I hope that pace continues.
Yeah - while Garmin is hell-bent on trying to get us all to use touch screens they're still keeping knobs around for a lot of things. I'm not a fan of the touch screen resolution but the *value* they're packing into those systems is enough to make me grumble and live with it.