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I was thinking, any way that we can change the "New Posts" button on the header bar to "New Posts (Pilots)" and "New Posts (ATC)", thereby filtering out the ATC forums for those of us who are not going the ATC route, and filtering out all the airline pilot mumbo-jumbo for the ATCers?

I know of another forum that has this option to filter out non-aviation related posts, so you don't have to read people's opinion on McCain or Obama when looking for information about which companies are hiring. Could this be an option for us?

I know when I'm on my PDA, I'll use the "New Posts" function and weed through all kinds of posts like "Pay Question" and find out it's about the pay in ZAB or something.

Just an idea! Thoughts?


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Upgrading a lot of software this evening, I'll have a peek at how to do it.


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Probably what I'm going to end up doing is once I get all of the ugprades complete, adding an XML dropdown menu on the navbit, a lot like 'search' and 'quicklinks' and have something like

"All New Posts" (everything, even the secret porn section that the inner circle has access to) *
"All New ATC Posts" (basically general topics, pilot-controller, Doc Forred, the lavatory and the ATC stuff)
"All New Pilot Posts" (basically all of the above minus the ATC specifics"

I guess with the growth, it's a little overwhelming to log on and have 12 pages of update threads every morning. At least on the west coast.

Might even be a hack out there that allows users to define the "new posts" feature to include/exclude certain forums, I'm not sure.