New Pilot


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Passed today--PPSEL. Now I can't start my comments with "I'm just a student, but. . . ."

Some stats since then:

362 landings
30.1 PIC
29.1 X-C
Nice job...congrats!

Why I remember when you were just a zero-hour wannabe... and now you're all growed up!! ** sniff

Welcome to the brotherhood, man!! What's next??
Thanks, guys!

For now, I'm going to do some cross-country fun flying. I'm also going to get checked out in the new 182 sometime next month. Meanwhile, I'm going to study for the IR written. I have to save some cash, so I probably won't start the IR training until the spring.

Oh, and about buying the Bo. I wish. I'm the wrong kind of doctor (academic, not medical)! I did have a flight in one, though and was blown away by the performance.

No, hopefully I'll be able to buy into a 182 with a few partners at some point.

Thanks again, guys!