New pictures of FSA aircraft up on!


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Hey remembered looking at a few months ago for any pictures of Vero Beach airport and was disapointed to find there were none but just recently someone has posted 8 pictures, some pictures of the FSA Warriors on the ramp, what apears to be some ex FSA Seminoles in storage and pics of a FedEx Caravan.

They're nice an big too, have a look.
My aren't we lazy today Rausda...

(just kidding, I'm too lazy too, so how 'bout it?)
Also those seminoles shown are some of the old ones that FSI sold to an alumn really cheap after purchasing the new ones. He has refurbished some of them but has had trouble selling them due to the fact they are supposed to be really high in hours and near the spar life. They sit on the east ramp near LoPresti just kind of rotting away now.