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Awesome! As I was reading that he was hired in 2000, I thought later in the article he would say he was furloughed, but that's great he's still flying. How did you meet JP?


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Thanks for that Doug, and thanks to JP for contributing. I'm also very happy to see he's still employed post-9/11. We need to get JP on the forums now!



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I just read that one. It is awesome. Such a motivator. I am sitting here in my windowless office, reading his article. His positive attitude leaps off the screen. Then I look down to my desk calendar. The one that I filled in my days remaining on during my last duty night. I see I have 194 to go. Thanks J.P. Great story you have there.


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I'm trying I'm trying! I think he's on a trip now because he hasn't replied to my latest email.


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That was a great! Hope he decides to join the forums!

In the perspective he says that AA's right of passage was the 727 F\E training. What are some other airline's or regionals 'rights of passage' that they use?