New LCC on its way to Pittsburgh


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Do you know what they will fly?

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I believe I heard they'll be a B737 operator but I'm not completely certain of that. Seems like a pretty good bet, though.



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I looked at it and it seemed familier, as it reminded me of what a webpage I saw a bit back for a carrier out of syracuse.

Infact I was correct, I looked it up and the same person who was attempting to create the syracuse carrier 'Northern Airlines' is the same as the one working on 'Project Roam'. Who knows what to think? Maybe he's just unsuccessful

I personally would have liked to see a LCC (or any airline) based out of Syracuse, with nice major destinations


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Fortunately, JetBlue has raise the bar so high for new airlines that any newcomer will have to raise at least the $100 million they did to even be a contender in today's marketplace.

I don't this airline has nearly that amount of cash, but I could be wrong. At any rate, if this airline ever starts flying I don't think they'll last a year.

However, it could be a great timebuilder though!


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People, you guys speak like jetblue is God's gift to the airline industry. They're Not!!! They've only been around for 5 years, hardly long enough to be considered a sucess. The only reason they get so much attention is because they are media darlings.

Just because a new startup doesnt live up to JetBlues high and mighty "standards" doesnt mean they will be a failure.

Delta must have been doing something right to have been around since 1929, Same with Northwest 1926, AA 1930, but all of the sudden since Jblu comes all the airlines are dinosaurs and have their heads in the ground and are destined to fail. I dont think so.