New FSI Website!

Thanks for pointing that out Chunk. I had been wondering when they would get the new site up and running. Looks like a great site!

By the way how are things going down there? Making good progress these days?

Working on it...They're having a free BBQ for everyone...I heard because we surpassed expected flight hours or some other good sign.

Were you able to get the movie clip on the site to work? It might just be my slow-butt Bell South dialup... Overall, it looks sweet! I heard they might put some Zlin video on the site....that'd be a good recruiting tool....I can just hear our favorite former MiG pilot (don't wanna mention his name without his knowing it) on the clip now, "Pull, pull, pull, thaaaatt's it. Nice and easy, you see?"

They need "MM'S" pre-flight bail out speech
Man, that site is awesome...I watched the video they have on the site and got all nostalgic! I CAN'T WAIT TO GET BACK THERE! Although it was strange seing some of the people I started with in the video! Dave, they missed you in the library! Common stan class!
Well, they've got jetcareers mentioned as a link to a "wealth of information". That it is.
I also thought the website looked great. I heard that eventually there would be a student login section so you could check the schedule and get things like account information and useful tools for the CFI's. I had expected a newer whos news section, they still had not mentioned the number of new hires by ASA, but I am sure everyone is well aware.

Oh yeah and Doug, you should swing on by for the free eats, your website has provided a great service to all potential and current flight students.
Today I took a closer look at the new site and they have all of the brochures and schedules, even costs, in PDF files!

Very nicely done.
Apparently the BBQ is not for everyone. I asked in the pilot shop if I could bring my wife and daughter and they said "No. Employees and customers only"
Does anyone know what the BBQ is celebrating?

I hear Janet is cooking....should be good!

"No. Employees and customers only"

What? I can't bring my wife? Are they kidding? After all the support she has given me through this, not to mention the student loan that is half hers thanks to marital property laws, they can't Feed Mrs. 'naut one burger!?! Outrageous. They should have a special event just for the families of students & employees.

They always used to have barbacues at the flight line when we met our goals for hours flown in a month...BE CAREFUL! Once everyone got sick from the burgers!! But that was last year, don't worry...
So no ribs for me? That bites man! After all I've done for FSI! (just kidding)

Waaiiit... they mention flightinfo and fly jets nowbut no jetcareers? Diss! Big Diss!
I spoke with a Marketing personearlier today getting details about enrollments and classes available, and mentioned that jetcareers should be on that links page.

I also found it interesting how they have flightinfo up there. The posts on that site have to be the most discouraging ever for someone wanting to fly for a living.
Doug, your website is still on there. Its in the Career section under getting started, on page four they have a big list of websites that provide good information.

As far as guests at the picnic, I agree that it is wrong that students cannot bring their wife or a guest..I mean come on!!!
I think is the most negative pilot dude's name is "NoJobsInFlying"....

and he's considered an optimist!