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so what does everybody think of Phoenix East? good, bad, indifferent?

i am still considering them in my school search. Just wanting to know what everybody thinks of them. If any of you have attended there your input would be greatly appreciated.
I know a couple who have attended. Biggest issues that would bother me, is it seems it was often hard to get the plane you want, as maintenance wasn't schedule well, causing a number of cancellations. And distractions of being somewhere like Daytona, which can be a good or bad thing I guess, depending on how fast you'd like to get the training done.
I enrolled at Phoenix in Jan. I already had my private so I started right in on my instrument. I think ther're a great school so far. Last summer I toured Delta, Flight Safety and Pan Am. The major downside, for me, was the price they were charging for the ratings. When you add in living expenses, you're looking at the equivalent of a small mortgage. Second, I was looking for scheduling flexibility. I know that with Delta, you don't know your flight schedule for a given day until 17:00 the day before. Not very conducive to the prospect of part-time income. Part time jobs were also discouraged if not prohibited by the other two.

I'm doing my training in warriors now. Although they're old, I have yet to have a flight cancelled due to maintenance. Occasionally, I have to wait 5-10 minutes for a fuel truck; but that's the fault of the FBO that has the fuel contract--and the hobbs isn't running anyway.
whats a typical instrument training flight like there. do you do all your approaches there at daytona or do you go other places? where do you do your holds?

what is the ground school like at phoenix east. Is it a lot of home study or is the ground school done in a formal class room setting. Also do most people come close to the quoted price by the time they finish up.

What are the instructing opportunities like at PEA after you finish your CFI stuff there.

My flights get booked for two-hour time slots. Out of that, I'll get 1.5-1.8 hrs of flight time. As for approaches, we do: ILS 7L @ DAB, VOR 16 @DAB, VOR 23 @DED, VOR 17 @OMN, VOR-A @X47, NDB 18 & 29 @EVB with holding over EVB (NDB), OMN (VOR), and at BARBS int. near Daytona.
Did my training there in 2000. I was very happywith the training. They do have formal class rooms for ground. I did my training from 0 time to multi commercial in 8 months. I really liked the way there scheduling worked. Can't say the same about PEA. And I only whent over budget by about $1000. Which is good for pilot training. Again I can't say the same for PEA. I have only done 1 1/2 ratings and already needed an extra $6000. Feel free to email me with any questions.
She was when I was there!!!
I finished up my instrument last week. I think the program thus far is great. I have a stage I check in the twin tomarrow and start commercial ground on Monday. They'll keep you moving through the program as fast as you want to go. On a side note, my instructor was one of two instructors at Phoenix that recently got hired. I think she had 1200-1300 hrs. The pilot market is starting to look better!