New Flight Surgeon for Jetcareers

Welcome, Doc.

We won’t hold it against ya that you’re south of the river. :biggrin: Now, maybe, we can convince the masses to have the JC gathering at Jack Stack’s.

Kind of an odd question, but why don't you do first class medicals? Is it different on your end?
Welcome and thanks for volunteering to answer questions and help. I’ve got a 1976 Bellanca Super Viking Turbo and it’s been a great plane.

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You’ve officially entered “old age” when the terms “ointment”, “salve”, “preparation” or “I must of slept wrong” have entered your lexicon.
I thought that wasn't going to happen until I was 50. I guess I am going through a midlife crisis earlier than expected.
As long as the puss is still the normal green color and hasn’t gone purple, continue and report on next medical.

Ya know you’re in trouble when you go to the Doc and he goes “whoa, WTF? Hey Joe, come look at this!”

Only happened once in my life with a finger that got slammed in a door. After 2 days of agony because the miserable doc in the box at the HMO clinic sent me home, I went to a real Doc that had stitched people back together in the Balkans War. She took one look and said the above and said to me “don’t worry, I’m going to fix this, but turn your head, you’re not going to want to watch”.