New England jobs

Slot Pilot

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I would love to move back to New England; I grew up there but have been away too long. I have nearly 1200 total hours, 600+ x/c, 63 instrument, 55 night.. 40 multi

If anyone has any leads on jobs in the New England area.. pretty much anywhere from Portland, ME to Manchester, NH to Boston to Hartford to Providence, kind of in that 'ring' please let me know!
If you have not checked out Air Now look into them. They are in Bennington, VT. All details are on website, send resume and follow up with phone calls they like it if you show alot of interest with them. They fly for UPS so your base most likley wont be in NE. But paid training, housing, and first year pay is good for the Caravan. They require a one year training bond and may offer higher pay if you will sign two year contract. Good luck and PM if you have any questions I interviewed in Jan turned the job down for another airline and now swimming in a pool of sharks.