New Endorsement


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It's been a loong time since I've posted here, but last Wednesday I got my tailwheel endorsement. Been flying a Citabria which has been an absolute blast. I am now safe enough to land a taildragger (now the experience time begins....if I can get my hands on a tailwheel). On Thursday, this got followed by an aerobatics intro, which included split-s', aileron rolls, hammerhead stalls, and spins. Certainly has been an exciting week.



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I just got mine 2 weeks ago flying a J3 Cub and a Cessna 140 (rented from C77) and haven't flown any sissy wheeled planes since (now with 20 hours tailwheel)

I would love to find some place that would do acro instruction in something like a Citabria or Decathlon... :)