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A John Tenney "perspectives" article that I posted earlier this week and a fresh Matt Szluka (sp?!)/Chicago Express!

Enjoy and thanks guys!
yeah I noticed FlyChicaga got his story in there, too.

"Monkey See Monkey Do!"

I'm just kidding, Matt, great story! I left the CAP part of my story out so I appreciate that reference. Every time I read my story I ended up seeing more stuff I left out, so I'm just going to stop reading it

Congrats on that FO job - I know you feel on top of the world right now, keep that attitude up and you'll make it through the tough times no problem. But resist the urge to cruise the high schools for chicks in the uniform
You've got to have flash to see the menu. Do you have flash?
Ok, I have a new career goal....

One day I want to be cool enough to write a perspectives article for Jetcareers.....

Doug, does FS count?

What about a 1 hour intro flight?