New Boeing model, max capacity 2 cows.


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Down here at the Houston Rodeo it was cookoff weekend and this was at a private party. In case you can't tell it is a GRILL. that's right, the right side opens up and exposes the BBQ goodness. The doors are opened by a switch seen on the inside of the right wing operating garage door openers that use pulleys to open both grill doors. This thing even had working nav lights.
CO uses this grill for marketing purposes at many events throughout the year. CO also has employee cookouts several times a year that this bad boy turns out delicious BBQ for. It is usually a crowd favorite wherever it goes. I think two or three CO mechanics built this thing several years ago.
I flew with a guy who was part of the CAL BBQ team. He was also part of a team that competed at Memphis in May. Their name was 'Ribs for Her Pleasure'.:D