New ATP locations

Damn. Have fun burning .3 of your precious time at the hold short line.

Im assuming no 90 day program.
A few weeks ago I think. As for New York and L.A., my guess is that ATP is trying to provide more locations for training as short programs are probably high on the list right now. Seems logical anyway.
The NYC-area location makes sense for the people who fly in from wherever in the world to get their US ATP knocked out real quick and then fly home.
I don't get the NY move. Isn't the NJ location one of the slowest out there?

HAHA! Maybe a few years ago, as I remember, but ops have changed VERY QUICKLY. UPDATE TTN is now staffed with 3 instructors and a full time C172. Translation: WE ARE SUPER BUSY! We now offer the whole ATP package, minus the CRJ sim and Diamond Glass of course.
Finally! ATP needed a NYC metro location besides Trenton. Too bad I'm already at another flight school though... :D