New Airline to Purdue University!


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There's a big annoucement tommorow. We're going to be getting a new carrier into LAF.

As some of you may know our former carrier, Northwest Airlink (d/b/a Mesaba Airlines) has announced they will cease service on December 19th. Without them we would have no carrier.

No carrier means no Part 139 for LAF, which means less funding for airport projects.

This is great news for the greater Lafayette area.

I will let you people know who it will be just as soon as I learn in. Speculation is around Great Lakes Aviation (a United Airlines codeshare), but I don't know.

It really took Betty Stansbury no time to hook something on her fishing trips!
The new carrier to LAF is Corporate Airlines (d/b/a AmericanConnection). They will start service to LAF on December 1st using 19 seat J32s.

Now, it looks like I'm going to have to start an AAdvantage account!