New airline in DEN... beautiful pics


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Well, sorta...

Frontier JetExpress let the contract with Mesa expire and has now signed Horizon to operate JetExpress. The new service started on the first with new CR7s. Right now it is starting at 4 jets which are all painted with the animals on the tails. In a few months there will be 9 aircraft flying for jetexpress, and possibly up to 20.

Here are links to a few of the photos I took from the ramp.

This is a really beautiful aircraft!

Side shot of aircraft with eagle on tail

Close-up of the winglet with eagle on it

Just a sharp aircraft all the way around!

I can't wait to get to fly something like this one day.

I think the CRJ-700 is the best-looking of the small jets, and it really looks great in the F9 livery (though I'd probably do a little more with the tail and engine nacelles).
Now that you mention it, that is the one thing I did not like. They should have made the engines dark green to match the F9 mainline. I was still very impressed.

You could really tell that they struggled putting the decals on the winglets too as it was their first attempt. I am betting the decal comes off pretty quick on the first one. They seemed to have learned their lesson though as the other aircraft's decals look flawless from what I could tell.

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