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Howdy, I have accepted a position with the Nevada Department of Transportation. A small pt 91 flight department with a beautifully appointed AC90 C TurboCommander and a Citation 550. I finally will get to be a jet captain! We have a great intern program and one of the intern pilots now has a full time pilot position. If there are any interested in the intern program, please let me know.

The great thing about this job, is that I work Mon-Fri and we will likely go to four 10 hour days. Full medical and benefits, holidays and sick leave!

It's a perfect fit for me. Winnie and I are really happy with this change. 18 years in firefighting is enough for a lifetime.



it's 2 hours from door to door with most of it through the beautiful Sierra's. I already have my 5th wheel in a monthly rental 12 mins from KCXP for only 500 a month! I am going to start a big band in Reno, for Tues or Weds nights. Plus I will be in Vegas many days...just for about 5 hours. I can set up my office there and work on music or other projects. Plus I don't think Nevada is going to go out of business LOL
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Congrats! I applied for that and never heard anything - until I had already accepted another fantastic job.

Glad to hear it with to a JC’er! Looks like a sweet gig!


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Congrats, Dale. That sounds like a good gig. Although, the fire fighting gig sounded pretty bad ass as well.


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Congrats! I applied for their intern program back in the day and never heard back (or so I thought...). When I went to upgrade my phone a year after the fact a voicemail popped up that I had not heard was the CP asking a good time to schedule an interview, doh. Sounded like a good gig and way to get into that type of flying.