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Did anyone check out the NetJets Intl. meeting today? It was really great. Very informative. It really reassured my desire to work for them.

For those not here, the Director of Operations for NetJets Intl. came to campus to talk to the students about his company and future hiring opportunities down the road. Even made passing mention of hiring some instructors...

For those who say it doesn't matter where you go, I offer this as an example of why it's important where you get your training. Besides great training, this school offers networking opportunities that I never expected. Yes, it doesn't say what school you went to on your certificates....but it does on your resume`!

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Say hi to your daughter. How's things on the other side of the world?

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How's things on the other side of the world?

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They're going...A&amp;P school is pretty fun. It's a lot like flight school, hours of "ground school" followed by some hands on. Right now we're finishing up NDT, so we're getting to play with borescopes, dye penetrants, magnaflux, eddy current, etc. It's cool. It's tough being the only pilot in the class though!

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Where are you getting your A&amp;P? Is that a degree type program? I was also thinking of backing my CIME, etc. etc. up with an A&amp;P, but I also need to finish my degree as well.

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Where are you getting your A&amp;P?

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I'm getting it at a FAA Part 147 school in Southwest Florida. To find one near you, just visit the FAA's website &amp; look for their Part 147 maintenace school locator. No, my program isn't a degree program. Yeah, the A&amp;P will be nice to have. Two guys I was talking to that graduated from my program are making $17 an hour right out of school. That's about $35k a year, compare that to what a new pilot makes! Makes me wish I had done the A&amp;P first...

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just out of curiousity, what are you expecting to pay for your A&amp;P training? Obviously, I'll already be in debt from flight school....

My program is really inexpensive compared to a lot of them out there 'cause it is run by the county as part of the public school system. The tuition is about five grand &amp; the tools will run you about another grand (depending a lot on which brand of tools you buy). Expect to pay about three times that at most other schools.