NET-Jets Non-flying Jobs


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Anyone have any info ie, pay, work schedule of fleet service, owner services, or crew scheduler for net jets? Is it a good in for a future job flying for them? Thanks for any responses.
I've known many people who have worked there in ops/flight following and maintenance (it has been a popular place for OSU aviation students to get their feet wet in the aviation industry, and If I remember right they have shifts that can accomodate college students). Nobody has ever had anything bad to say.

As of last summer, there was some sort of hiring freeze going on. Not sure how much a job like that will help you get to a flying position, since I believe their hiring and selection is monstrously competative with lots of qualified pilots trying to work there.

Hope that helps a little...
I work for NetJets Europe and have daily contact with NetJets people in the US. So if I can help you with any info on the company feel free to PM me.