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Well, I'm currently in 10th grade. I've taken a few lessons at my local FBO at John Wayne Airport, and hoping to get my PPL before high school ends.

Now to save time, I'm planning on going to a four year university right out of high school rather than a JC, and while in college to get my ratings all the way to CPL, Multi, CFII + Multi.

Now, here's the problem, I want to go to college out of state, so my tuition is going to be out of this world, so I'm planning on getting an in-state residence after 1 or 2 years, and living off campus, holding a job, and trying to like I said get all my ratings. HOW? Money is going to be an obvious problem, living hundreds of miles away from home, and trying to get my degree.

So if in fact I do pull this off, how hard will it be to hold a CFI job while in college? During the summer and such?

It all really scares me because I have no idea how I can get this all done.

So please if you have any advice, ANY AT ALL, please let me know, as I'm already pulling my hair trying to get loans, grants, finances, money, flying all figured out.

Thanks for any help,
People have pulled off more then that, so I don't think it will be impossible to CFI while going to college. My advice, a) save every stinking penny you can find. Right now a car, movies, eating out, it all seems like fun but it costs money. Save everything. b)Avoid girls like the plaugue, we tend to suck the pennies right out from you without even trying and it will be a huge distraction. c)stay focused. Sure it will suck sometimes, but the faster you get it over with, the faster you will be making money and you will be glad to have not drug it out. (Believe me, my 27 year old husband wishes everyday that he hadn't been so causal and screwed around for years, he could already have a few years with an airline under his belt by now had it gotten it over with.)

Good luck!!
Good advice

TheWife speaks the truth...though I'm damn glad I don't have one....

Especially see item B)...

I once knew a kid who bought an Apache and instructed in it while in college. A 150 would be a better choice for most, but the multi-time helped him a lot and he's a furloughed Delta pilot now.....

I can remember freaking out about the future when I was your age. Try to take it a day at a time and set short term goals. Not to ignore the long term goals and planning...but there is so much of the long term that you can't control so planning for it or worrying about it is a total waste.

Have fun....while you may be sick of it, you're only a 10th grader once. Gawd...if I could only go back.....
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Stick with your goals but remember "Life is what is happening while we are busy making other plans"
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"Life is what is happennng while we are busy making other plans"

[/ QUOTE ]

Very true.

Have fun in HIgh School.

Go to college and have more fun. Just stay out of trouble.

Those were some of the best times of my life. I wouldn't be in too much of a hurry to get out into "real life". Just my opinion.

You will make mistakes and wrong decisions, but who cares.

Work hard and the money will come. I'd love to have a plane and instruct, but sometimes you gotta do whatever it takes to pay the bills.
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I said something similiar in another post...where theres a will, there is a way. Things might get tough, but the good times get you through the not so good times.

As the earlier posts said - have fun! I have been accused of living by the mantra - if its not fun, why do it? When I have too much on my plate, I make sure to balance the work and play. I am definately a happy (albeit tired) girl, because I promise myself to have fun!

Happy Flying!
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You will make mistakes and wrong decisions, but who cares.

[/ QUOTE ]

You will also make good choices and right decisions! Learn from it all!