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Good Afternoon Fellow Pilots,

First of all, let me say that I'm merely gathering information on a subject that I have little to no expertise in. This is not intended to be a "flame bait" or anything more than just asking for helpful information.

As some of you know, I recently found out that I would be back at the bottom of the list at my current airline...aka back to Airport Reserve. Airport Reserve while trying to commute across the country (ATL to PDX) is not my ideal situation.

I've been flying at my current airline for almost 2 years, and to date it is the only airline I've worked for.

I was recently contacted by another airline, "Go Jets", about a perspective position as a Captain on the CRJ700.

I "know" that in the beginning Go Jets was created in order to fly 70 seat aircraft for United Express, and because Trans States (the airline's holding company) is an American Connection carrier (AMR's scope prohibits carrier's other than Eagle from flying 70 seat jets) they were given more than one opportunity to fly the 70 seat jets. To get around AMR's scope, GoJets was created.

(If that is not correct, I would love to know the full story, that is just from some basic research online, please don't try and "rip me a new one" for it)

I would love to know some honest opinions from pilots who have something useful to add. I don't want an opinion of someone who has an axe to grind.

Thank y'all very much for taking the time to read, and for posting if you get around to it!




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If you go to GOJETS you will need to explain yourself down the road on why you went there.

GOJETS was not created to go around the AA Scope. The Republic Airways Holding group does that already on how they have CHQ flying for AA. It was created to undermine ALPA and the TSA pilots.

Do not go there.


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Red Flag

SurferLucas -

In this current downturn there are now just a few places left hiring in the airline sector.

If one of them comes to you saying you can be hired there as a captain you need to ask yourself, why are they so desperate?

They are desperate because 99% of the unemployed pilots out there still won't go to the company in question because they have a problem with the whole situation (which has been discussed before and doesn't need to be discussed here again).

Are you the 99% or are you the 1% who finds nothing wrong with it. That is what you need to determine.

I know which one I am.


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Thanks for the information guys. I'm not one that goes out looking for a job to try and screw another pilot for my own personal gain. I just honestly didn't know anything about that operation.

I'd much rather keep my job where I'm currently at, than pissing off the entire piloting profession (which I gather what it would amount to?)

And just so everyone on here doesn't make me out to be a job stealer, I too found it funny that I was contacted. I'm not one that looks to take shortcuts or someone elses job. (I instructed for 3 years before getting on at one of the "harder" regionals to get on at...)