need some professional guidance?


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Dear Professional Pilots:
I'm a junior at a NJ Private high school and would like to find the most cost effective away to a become commercial pilot.
These are my civilian choices:
1) Jacksonville University-college degree
Flight training: ATP inc.
2) Florida Institute of Technology (college degree and flight training)
3) Embry Riddle University (college degree and flight training)
4) Embry Riddle University Extended Campuses (FL)
Flight Training: FlightSafety Academy, Phoenix East Aviation, Pan Am Academy
Please give me any input in which is the cheapest but most rewarding approach. I do hope I qualify for some financial aid, scholarship, and loans.
Dear Charles

Consider training at a smaller school and a non-aviation works just as well and is a lot cheaper. If you truly want cost effective...that's the way to go.
Hey Charles, I'm not a professional pilot (though I always would plan to fly with a professional attitude

If you want cost effective and rewarding, I really would search out a good flight club or FBO.. Try and find one with some greybeards around!

If you really want cost effective (and smart) I'd stay away from an aviation degree.. I know they are tempting, but you will be much safer in the future without one. Besides that, Embry-Riddle will cost you an arm, leg, and your first born son.

But still check out some of the flight schools.. Ari Ben and ATP can be fairly cost effective in comparison to some of the larger schools. Do some hunting; Read some of the posts around the specific school's boards and good luck!
Hey, Charles. I am not a professional pilot, either, but I would highly recommend that you think things through very carefully. If you're looking to save money and realize that nobody is going to be hiring you for years, the FBO route makes more sense to me.

Folks who know a hell of a lot more than me have said that it doesn't matter what degree you get, just as long as you get one. That should broaden your options considerably as far as colleges go.

And you could always consider the military. If I had to do it all over again, I think I'd have done Air Force ROTC.
"That should broaden your options considerably as far as colleges go."

I wish it haden't have broadened them so much! Now I'm stuck not being able to figure out what to major in like the normal folk