Need some info from current students


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I visited FSI back in December and after wading through a mountain of information on this school and literally dozens of others I have decided to attend FSI for my training. Bottom line for me is the quality of the school and the environment you train in.

I have a couple of questions for any current students that may be reading this board.

1. I have a PPL now and was just curious as to whether or not I should spend the money to stay current (i.e. 90 days 3 TO/L) until I begin my class (end of August) or if it doesn't really matter?

2. I am seriously considering the ASA Direct Track Internship but am not sure if the additional money is justified. My goal is to fly for a regional and ASA would be my preference but is it really worth the money to get hired about 1 year earlier? Any thoughts from current ASA Intern students?

Thanks for any help in advance.
Does anyone have any recomemdations on how to apply for financial aid? I'd read, on another schools bulletin board, that you shouldn't give the school the forms to file because they will automatically contact the loan company and get the money, even if you aren't in need of it yet. Should I worry about this at FSI? Thanks.