Need Resume Advice(A&P)


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Hello folks. As I wrote in my earlier post, I will be graduating in March and I am in the process of writing my resume, should I say in or as my Objective that I am "seeking a position as an entry level A&P"? The Placement Specialist at my school says that it is better not to write that in my objective because employers will pass me over for more "experienced" A&P's. What do you guys think?

Any response is greatly appreciated.
Target it for the company you send it to, or at least have a couple generic ones. Example:
"seeking a position as an airline mechanic"
"seeking a position as a general aviation mechanic"
Caveat: I am not currently employed as an A+P.
Just keep it simple - 1 page. If the employer is interested, they're going to give you their application along with a stack of other paperwork to fill out.

Very important...especially if you go the airline or MRO route keep a copy of your 10 year work history. Names, addresses, phone #'s, and the exact dates of employment. If you were unemployed any time the past 10 years document those dates too, in addition to the dates & addresses of the schools you've attended.

I would have all this information printed a single sheet of paper and kept handy at all times. Believe me, it will make life so much easier when you start filling out your future employers paperwork!!!

Best of luck!