need help: inteviews


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Hope someone expereinced out there could answer this. I am preparing for an interview for cadets, but have no flying experience. got these questions from internet gouges:

A) Scenario: Your captain is a 300 lbs body-builder and with the autopilot on continues below minimums after you have called missed. He will fight you for the airplane and will not respond to your calls to go missed, what do you do?

B) You see the a bar drinking within 8 hours of your show time--what do you do?

Is there any airline standard procedures to thses scenarios?
whats the best thing to do? th. <font color="green"> </font>
Aloft: cadets with no flying experience. the training is with a national airline (not in U.S.) and they train you from scratch if selected. Can help?
Click here for the answers to the exact questions you just asked. Do you think they will ask you these kinds of questions if you have had no flying experience? And what airline is this? I am very curious to know. If you would rather not say on the board, coud you pm me?