Need Help...Instrument Written


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Hi guys, I live in Canada well just a few weeks ago I got my Multi-IFR in canada it's known as a Group 1 Instrument Rating. I have my private now as as well as this MIFR, commercial flight test done, and written, and I have 30hours more PIC time to finish my commercial. I'm 17 now and won't turn 18 until May...So I can have all my requirements done, just can't get the License signed off till I'm 18
I want to go to AriBen and get block time there, but to convert my Canadian IFR I have to do a written test, my Canadian Private and Multi convert 1-1. I can do the FAA foreign instrument written in Canada here, but I don't know what to study for, or any materials to use. I was told about Gleim, but not sure. Also I hear in USA you guys are given the questions for the test ahead of time? Is this true, because in Canada we have no clue what's coming exactly, and prepare for everything. All the help on what I can do to prepare for this test would be great, and since I've never done a US Faa written, some details on what they're like would be awesome, and if you guys actually know what questions are coming you way.


What I would recommend you do is grab a Gleim book read it though quick, note the differences between the Canadian and the U.S. system (there are not many I don't believe), take some practice tests outta the back and then take the FAA written.

It should be fairly easy and straightforward for you, and should not present a challange at all.


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You can go to Sporty's pilot supply and they should have a link to their written test prep site. It's free if you sign up and gives you a chance to take practice tests. Also, the questions without the answers are available at the FAA site. Sorry, I don't have time to look up the URL' should be able to figure it out.