Need clean tidy room mate asap


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LOCATED 3.4 Miles from AirPort off 6th Ave and 12th Street

2/2 Condo
Fully Furnished
Leather Sofa
Tile Flooring
Full use of house hold amenities I.e
Kitchen with the pots and pans
Wireless Internet (Comcast) HighSpeed
Cable TV (I can move the TV back to the living room. (Just a small 20 inch I rarely use, unless you bring your own and we would have comcast bring in a second box to be placed in.)
POOL Located within the Condo Association out side.

Rent is 800 + Electric and Cable

525 a month is what Im asking for at the moment. Subject to change when cable promotion is over. Then price for Cable and Internet double. If you have no need for TV or Internet it will be removed off rent total for that month.

CALL ME at 9106856807 (Vick)