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Hello all, i posted in july..that i had been recalled from my airline, but unfortunately the airline suddenly stoped operations due to goverment issues, well....since oct. of 08' to that time i thought i would start flying again, but did not happen, so since then till' today i woke up with this desperate feeling of not doing nothing, and not getting anything at all, im about to be 22 in two days, and i feel i have wasted much time, for dedicating the last four years of my life to this career..which has taking to the search of finding another path.... ive been thinking in getting back to college comple my degree, and fly on the side as cfi.....or the other option would be to enlist in the air force, but sincerly i dont enjoy to much the military, so not askig for a solution for my life, just, what would you recommed, or advise me to do, thank you..:(
First of all, finish college, it will open a lot of opportunities down the road. Second of all, don't despair, you're only 22, you have your whole life ahead of you yet! :)
First of all relax and know that you are still light years ahead of many. I didn't even start my private rating until I was half way through my 23rd year on this planet. Here I am, now 30 years now and taking a nice furlough-cation from my now-defunct corporate gig.

If I were you I would get one of dem' fancy dagrees, instruct to get/stay current, and rejoice in the fact things absolutely WILL get better. This stuck mic feeling many feel due to the stagnation of the industry only gives you more time to get an education without feeling like you are 'missing out' on seniority or some crazy hiring spree.

Also, grab a Snickers (or a beer), because it may be a while but things absolutely will get better, especially for younger guys like you, hell, even me (to a point, I realize I am old to you) with most of our careers ahead of us.

Plan B. Marry a rich chick, fly for fun. :cool:
Go back to college and get your degree.

Join the Civil Air Patrol in your area. That will keep you involved in flying and it is a great give back to the community.
I did a few dozens jobs between 18 and 23, tried so many times to finish my PPL then and could never make the time or money thing work. Wanted to go back to school, but made too much for grants, worked too much to pay off the ex, seemed like nothing was going to work. I needed to be poor, yet still live and pay off the ex, so I got to thinking.....Drove by a Navy recruiter and found the solution :D

4 years later I had the GI Bill, Illinois State Veterans Grant and enough time as a mech to sit for my A&P test. Started as a dual major (Flight and Aviation Management....added Aviation Tech as I already had the credits from the A&P). After my first semester (and a ton of networking) I got a Co-Op gig with McDonnell-Douglas, so I spent a couple semesters writing maintenance (LSA-1388-2B stuff) for the Super Hornet and earning credits. Got out of school in two and a half years and finally, at nearly 30, I had a career.

I spent a ton of early life messing around with no direction, and had to make a choice between flying (What I would have loved to do) and another aviation job (what I do now). I would have loved to have choosen the flying opportunity at that time, but I made the right choice for that situation. Now life is a lot more comfy and I can afford complete what I started. I've had some great opportunites to work and manage programs from the F/A-18, C40A, 767 Tanker, Saudi Air Force Maintenance and many things in between. Travelled the world on the comapny dime and really enjoyed it.

Complete the degree, it will open up some good opportunities for you. You never know when you'll need it and no one can take it away from you.

Good luck!

P.S. I didn't marry the rich chick, but since she's finishing law school I guess I'm stuck unless I want to lose everything :)
Go out in the country and find a ag operator that will take you on and learn the ag business. Stable job, good pay and off in the winter months.

Good luck to you.