Need a job north of San Francisco

Steep Turns

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My wife just accepted a job in Ukiah, CA (about 2 hours drive north of SFO). We're moving there next week (around Thanksgiving). I'm in need of a job to build time. I have 400 TT, 150 multi, 300 PIC, 150 dual given, Commercial single, multi, instrument, CFI, CFII, MEI and high performance endorsement. I also have a strong customer service/sales background. Any help is appreciated.

I cannot remember where I saw the add...but NorCal Skydiving was hiring a while back (2months). Located at cloverdale. I think they posted in add on Craigslist in San Fran actually...

It's probably the wrong time of year but worth a shot. If nothing else, maybe you can get on their radar for march-April hiring.
Yeah, I got a buddy that works for them. That would be sick to move to a new area and immediately get an upgrade in work.

Do you know the names of the schools that posted at Shulz? I contacted North Coast Air and was invited in for a chat. Are there any others that you know of?