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Whats up guys,

I just wanted to let everyone know that I've updated my web site and moved it to a new location. I wrote the web site to provide basic background information for those who are considering pursuing a pilot certificate. If anyone here has yet to start flight training or is looking for more information, check the site out. I'm sure you'll find at least something on it that appeals to you. Also, I just got done putting the site online, so it may have some glitches that I don't yet know about. Please let me know if you find any... Thanks. Here's the URL:
Wow! Excellent work! Your site is very well written and very informative. You did an excellent job in the organization of your information... good job!
Good work on the website Paul!

I enjoyed reading your commentary, and if you’re interested in any of my pictures from the Vegas trip for you website, just let me know...

I'm sure my site's viewers would love to see some of those pictures from the Vegas trip in the gallery, so I'll gladly take any that you're willing to submit. Just e-mail the ones you want posted as attachments to my direct e-mail address ( ). Also, be sure to tell me your full name so that I can give you credit for the pics on the site.

Sounds good. I'll go ahead and send the full size images to you and you can downsize them for bandwidth considerations as you see fit...