My thoughts about UND


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Hi guys,

So here I am, posting my first thread at jetcareers, as I wanted to share my thoughts about UND.

In my opinion, UND is what you make of it. Sure, the winter weather is quite undesirable and the town is not that interesting, but what I know about UND so far is that the university has a diverse choice of degree programs and people from different backgrounds.

Even though I will start flying at UND this spring, my initial impression of the university's flight operations is that they seem to have a professional operation, and I was impressed by their large fleet of training aircraft. I just wonder how flying in this weather will be like.

The fact that I could study some stuff that is different from aviation while being enrolled in an aviation program at UND is a plus for me, as it means that I could graduate without worrying about my future.

So far, UND has been a positive experience for me, and it seems that the university itself is worth it from an academic point of view.

I have made friends with some of the best people that I've ever met here at UND, which is one of the highest points of coming to UND. To me that makes a whole lot of difference with regards to feeling content in this town.

I want to be an airline pilot in the future, and I feel that UND has a flight training program that will prepare me well for my future career.

So, there you go. I just wanted to share my thoughts about this university and that, even though it's not perfect, it will prepare me well for my future career and that being with my friends here will make my time at the university well worth it.
You hit it on the nose. If u wana be an Airline pilot then und is the way to go. If u wana go a different route there's better paths.

UND is completely what you make of it.
I dont know about other schools, but UND has excellent training

I miss school :D
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