My new ride!


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Just picked up some flying on the above - contract right now, but hoping to make this a full time gig as time goes on.



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Nice ride!

Question though, you didn't feather the prop lever when you shut it down?

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Ahh! This is how I change this!
Looks like a nice ride!

Just make sure that the rudder pin for the control lock is out if you have it towed. Very bad things will happen if the pin is left in (as Im sure you know being a twin cessna driver).

On the 90 can you leave the bleeds on for shutdown and startup? On the 200 if we did that it would eventually burn up the packs (or something?).


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Looks just like the paint on a bird I fly. The avadine is a nice system, especially if you get the subscription WX on it.
Also, VSI shows a little climb. On the ground.