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I thought about putting this is the aeromedical section but not all that many people visit it, so I hope no-one minds me putting this in the General Area as it's really important to me...

I have had sinus problems all my life, they have been diagnosed as "chronic sinus and bronchitis". It kinda went away after high school but has made it's return with a vengance! But I thought I had outgrown they

I have had a serious sinus infection for 4+ months, so bad that my ears hurt when driving up hills, so I havent flown during the whole time! Anyway, I have been through 4-5 sets of medications, 2 sets were longer than 3 weeks, and it didn't help at all.

I went to an Ear, Nose and Throat specialist and he scheduled a CAT Scan for me, next week. I am kinda nervous about this as I really want to get better and start flying again.

My questions is: has anyone had problems similar to this?

I am at college in an area very similar to where I grew up, and the doctors said that it couldn't be allergies as I have been treated for them. Any ideas on what to do?


Have you thought about getting them flushed? Would that solve the problem? My mother had sinus problems years ago, she got hers flushed and they never returned.
Could an airline not hire someone because of a medical condition that they had, even though that person was able to pass a 1st class medical?
Could an airline not hire someone because of a medical condition that they had, even though that person was able to pass a 1st class medical?

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Nope; Americans with Disabilities Act.
Well one doctor said that if I had a flush, it would possibly go away for a while but then come back even worse. So that kinda sucks.

Oh well, maybe the CAT Scan will find the culprit.
Get it flushed? How does that worked. I have had allergies all my life and thats the first i time i have heard about getting it flushed.

Make sure you take care of that stuff!

Sinus infections are BAD NEWS for pilots. Here's an example, one of my good friends kept getting colds and never really went into the doctor.

A few week later, he got a nasty enough sinus infection that resulted in screwing up his eustacian (sp?!) tubes which gave him vertigo.

Poor guy's been out for the past six months on disability, has visited the Mayo clinic twice and is still awaiting recertification.

Be careful!

While I don't have your specific problem, my Dad did. He got his sinuses flushed and he's fine now. I also get sinus infections seasonly (I blame my tonsils) in the spring and fall and it keeps me on the ground for a few days. You might want to look into getting your sinus' flushed, or having your tonsils taken out. I know that's my problem. They are a recipe for getting an infection for me.


John Herreshoff
I had allergies when I was younger; used to get bad sinus infections regularly that would last foooorrreeeverrrr. I got some allergy shots (which was a pain in the a$$). I had to go in there every once in a while... it was like you start out at 2-3 times / week and end up at like 1/ month after a year... it sucked but it worked; now I am one healthy SOB. I dunno if this could work, but maybe it's something to ask about?!
Hey Spud,
I had chronic sinus infections as a kid, when I was 10 it got to a point where I was getting pretty bad infections 4-5 times a month. So I went in and got them flushed, after that I was in good shape for a year or so then they started to act up again. So the next time they actually went in and trimmed up my sinus cavities so they could drain easier (I know, sounds terrible) but it has done the trick so far, I've been fine for the last 8 yrs. or so. The procedure is pretty simple. I'd definetly recomend it if you are having this much trouble with them. Your a little sore for a couple a days after the surgery but after that you'll feel 20 times better. Hope that helps
Oh I'm sorry; I didn't read the last part where you said that allergies is ruled out!

It sounds like it might be more in depth than this, but I did have a minor laser surgery on my nasal passages (sounds bad but it wasn't - I wasn't even knocked out). I don't know how much help it did but as I said I am now one healthy dude.