My First Solo


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Well i did it, after 15 hours of training I did my first solo this morning in this wonderful Northeast wheather and it was just a BLAST!:D..I can not stop smiling and i do not know what to do with myself.......Everyone on here has been helpful through out my training and can't thank anyone enough.. Did I say I am i don't know what to do with myself?..This and the fact that the EAGLES are 1 win a way to the super bowl this weekend........ JUST PRICELESS!!!!..

I will never forget this day as long as I live, just wish I started sooner in life and my father could have witnessed this................

Apparently my instructor seen more in me than I thought.....3 take off's and landings were perfect!.........:D........

GO EAGLES!!!!!!!!
congrats, before you know it, you'll be sitting in that plane with an FAA examiner for your checkride! enjoy it!
I train in Williamstown NJ, at Cross Keys 17N.. I live about 3 miles from there..Basically between Philadelphia and Atalantc City
Yes the plane climbs a hell of a lot faster now...And yes everyone, I am aware the Eagles lost..Oh well, still have flying.....:)