My First Cross Country (Dual) W24-MTV-W24


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My First Trip report! Enjoy!

W24 (Falwell Airport) is my home airport. It is dwarfed by LYH about 10 miles away but is a great little airport. You can only takeoff and land one way. Takeoff downhill and land up hill! Anyways, today I flew my first dual Cross country....

I was supose to be at the W24 at 9:30 to do planning and life off at 10:00am. I woke up and the time was 9:45. Freaking out, I took a quick shower and threw on clothes and flew out the door. The 15 minute drive to the airport was uneventful. I got there and My instructor was about to leave thinking I was a noshow. Well, we got cracking cause he needed to be back by 2:00 for a meeting. After a half hour of intense planning, we were ready to go. I called Leesburg Flight Station and filed the flight plan to Martinsville, Virginia.

Leg 1:
Aircraft: C152
Time enroute: 40 minutes
Cruise altitude: 4500 ft.
Time off: 11:20

The take off role was rather long as we had a quartering tail wind, two people on board, and the temperature was 70 degrees. Climbing out, we called Leesburg Radio and opened our flight plan. We circled over Lynchburg and flew over LYH and we were on our way! We used landmarks, chechpoints as our navigation to MTV. We climbed to 4500 and once up there, the haze began to take a toll on our visibility. We flew southeast heading 225 down over Smithmountain Lake. Dozens of little boats zoomed across the lake in the late morning. As we neared MTV, we encounted a line of clouds which we probably only 500 feet above the Cessna. As we flew under the clouds, the thermals and drafts kicked the 152 around quite a bit but I was all smiles. Coming into MTV, We decended over the city to 1800 feet (Pattern Altitude). We performed a Cross wind, downwind, and Final! Landing was smooth as a baby's bottom!

We taxied to the ramp and shut down.

MTV has this wonderful restaurant there, complete with sitdown dining inside and out! My instructor and I went to the phone and close out flight plan which ended up taking forever as they had me on hold forever!!!! Anyways, afterwards, we grabbed an excelent meal in the resturant and talked to local and foriegn pilots. I had a "Tri-Pacer" (BLT with Chips) The meal cost 8 dollars for both of us and we were ready to go!

Return Leg:

Aircraft: The same one!
Time enroute: 40 Minutes
Cruise altitude: 3500 ft.
Time off: Around 1:20

We did the normal start up and taxied to the hold short line, performed out runup and taxied for takeoff! Takeoff was smooth and we performed a 270 Degree left turn and crossed over mid field at 2000 feet bound for W24. Flying back, we navigated on the LYH VOR. Using the same checkpoints as a safety net, we headed home. Passing over Smith Mountain Lake, I looked down at the Boats and lake houses. Coming into Falwell, we performed the normal downwind, base and final and touched down on Runway 28. Unfortunatly, this landing was not as good. I think we touched down on all three wheels at the same time. Opps! Anyways, Everything went smooth and I had a great time!

Sounds like an awesome trip Adam! How about you make your next cross country up to KJFK and I'll come and watch your landing!