My first air show


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On Sunday I went to the Edwards Air Force Base airshow with jdflight and a coupla' other guys and had a blast.

I'd never been to an airshow and didn't quite know what to expect. We got to see all kinds of cool military stuff and I burned through 5 rolls of film (I got a little over-excited).

My favorites were the F-117, the B-1 doing high speed passes & simulated bomb runs, the A-10 was sweet, the F-22 was flying, and the F-15 breaking the sound barrier was nice. The Thunderbirds were there and they were cool too, although there were only 5, from what I heard that was due to that 6th crashing a couple of months ago.

Did anybody else go to the show?

Airshows rock!

I really wish the airshow at MacDill AFB would resume, but with CentCom being there, that's probably not going to happen again any time soon.

Hey CalSurf - If you're ever in Florida in April, look me up. We'll got to Sun-n-fun. That'll blow your mind.