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Today I took a discovery flight out at Air Reldan (FBO) in New Orleans (knew) in a Cessna 172. It was the most thurough discovery flight I have ever been on. The instructor let me do everyhting from engine start to engine shutdown. The only thing I didn't get to do was talk on the radio. Everything went smoothe. We did coordinated turns, climbs, descents, he showed me some things with the throttle, then he told me, I would be landing this bird. That's when I got a little nervous and I started gripping the hell out of the yoke. On final everything was cool right until we touched down. He explained to me what a flare was and I attempted to do it. As we were over the runway the instructor was saying hold your flare, hold your flare.......And I did......But that damn thing was falling like a brick! We hit the ground rather hard(i thought), but the instructor said he had seen far worse. Has this happened to anyone, and what advice do you guys have for me. Also my takeoff roll was BRUTAL. I was all over the runway. I found myself over-correcting the aircraft on the takeoff roll. All in all I had fun and in the next week or so I'm going to sign up for some lessons so I can start flying. 1.
Hey Smokey,
Glad you liked the flight. There's nothing like being in control in the air. Usually hard landings are associated with the flare being executed too early. You are already slow on final and when you add back pressure (pull up) you are trying to create more lift. When you do that there is no longer sufficient air flow over the wings to create that lift, hence "the plane drops like a brick". Usually what I try to do is get about 10-15 feet above the runway and start my flare in a 172. That could vary from plane to plane. As for your takeoff roll, it takes practice to get the hang of steering with your feet, especially on take off. You are not the only that over corrects on their first flight, I did my very first flight. In fact I just about ran off the runway. It's just a matter of feel and before you know it, it's second nature. Good luck with the rest of you flying!!
Steering with the feet can take some getting used to- when I was beginning my flight training, one time my instructor and I spent an entire lesson just taxiing around Montgomery Field's taxiways so I could get used to that, and that was in a C-152. Best of luck with your flying!
I'm happy you enjoyed your discovery flight!
First off, on takeoff, did you abruptly push the throttle forward? Or did you gradually advance it? This can make a word of difference; do it slow. Landing..well, that will come in time. People with hundreds of hours still get challanged by landings. YOU ARE NOT GOING TO GET IT THE FIRST 10 TIMES! Remember that =)
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