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Just a question, pardon my ignorance. Can you and if you can, is there any benefit by combining your insturment and muiti training together?
That's the way FlightSafety does it. You earn your private multi then do instrument training.

The advantage is that you earn more multi time, much of which is PIC. The disadvantage is the cost.
Depending on where you fly, you can actually save money by doing your CFII in a twin. Lot's of places have a PIC requirement before you can instruct. The training for the CFII would count towards that.

I'll do a little math. Let's say it takes 10 hours of flying to get your CFII. At 150 bucks an hour in a twin, that's 1500 dollars. If you do it in a single it would be 75 bucks an hour totalling 750 dollars. But if you do it in the single you still need the PIC in the twin so you can instruct. So add the 750 to 1500 and it ends up costing more.
I just read your post after I read mine and saw that you were asking about instrument training and not your CFII. Stupid me.
I for one am glad you posted your response as you did. I'm finishing up my CFI right now, & will do the CFII & MEI wherever I get hired. I hadn't thought of doing the II in a twin. Good idea.