Multi time for students/CFIs


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If someone already has their insturment rating going into the program at FSA, how much multi time could they expect to get? They quote about 55 hours for the career pilot program, but it looks like a lot of those hours are obtained in the instrument training.

Also, if someone were to get hired on as a Flightsafety instructore, what percentage of their flights would be in a multi? I would assume that a majority of the instruction would be in singles, so is it just the lucky/senior instructors that get the multi students?

Looking at the prices, it looks like comercial, multi, CFII/ME is is going to run over $38k! I would hope there is some good amount of ME time in there.
You are right, according to our main syllabus if you don't do your instrument rating here you won't be in the Seminole near as much, but, actually you really don't want to PAY for multi-time anyway as a student. I think its actually a good thing you won't be in it as much cause it is pricey. On the other hand, as an instructor here, obviously you want the multi time. You are right, a lot of how much multi time you end up with is partially based on luck, but, every instructor gets a pretty big chunk. I have been pretty lucky, with 57% of my instruction given being multi, since beginning instructing. But, it ISN'T based on seniority or anything like that, in fact the most senior instructors are usually working with CFI candidates in the single engines (boooo /ubbthreads/images/icons/frown.gif ). The fact is we get good multi cause a large part of our main syllabus for most students is in the seminole, so, course we have to sit with them. If you get a private, and take them all the way through the program, you get about 60-70 hrs multi each. It adds up. But by the end of the 800 hr contract or by the time an instructor gets hired, we can all vary 100-200 hrs from each other just based on how things worked out. Some may have 500 multi, some have 400, but, its all moot by that point.
ThreeGreen123 or anyone in the know,

Is it true that CFIs start with single-engine instruction and don't move into ME instruction until they've reached a certain number of hours of dual given at FSI? If so, what is that number? I'm just curious. Thanks
Yep, thats true. Thats part of the "luck" I talk about. You go thru single engine stand first, and instruct. The minimum is generally 100 hrs of SE instruction here, then you get a multi stand date. Some people are at 150 hrs inst given when they finally go thru, some get lucky and are at 50 or 75 hrs, it all depends on luck in timing.