Multi time building 65-75 hr Dry


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Terry....Just looking thru my notes...Are you the Guy, just outside of Chicago with the twin?? You fly with 2 others etc.etc...?
I lost your name and contact info...


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Figure on a bare minimum of 14 GPH at $4.50 per gallon which is $63 hourly for fuel. Twin Comanches burn from 12-18 GPH depending in how fast you want to go.


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What Phil said. Some of the most cost effective twin time you can get along with an adventure . On some of my time building trips we have landed at Las Vegas at night, landed in New Orleans , flown over the Rockys , flown over the golden gate and Alcatraz , navagated around thunder storms , flown night and day IMC and some approaches to mins . So when you fly with me you learn real world ops , see some pretty neat places and at min expense ..


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44 hours in 4 days. Terry's a good guy and it's an adventure. Chicago, Wichita, Texas, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Texas (.25 mile from Mexico), New Orleans for lunch, back to Texas fighting TStorms, Wichita and back to Chicago.

Be flexible, pack snacks and water as some legs are long and no food at some destinations, fly late, get up early and do it all over again.

Scott B

This past week i did a 4 day trip with Terry. The plane was fantastic and Terry was an outstanding teacher. He is extremely knowledgeable about his aircraft and was a very laid back person to fly with. Cheap, safe, and fun. Everything you are looking for when it comes to building time! I would recommend him to anyone.