Multi Time at ATP For Less Than $100 Per Hour


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After going through ATP’s Career Pilot Program, I am a new hire CFI/CFII/MEI. Like all the new hires, I’m answering phones and doing office work in Jacksonville -- waiting for a slot to open up at one of the So. Cal locations (Long Beach, Riverside) so I can get back home to my family.

We were just told about a new program that ATP is going to announce in the next week or so. The new ASAP program is a condensed version of the one that we currently offer. It will give you 5 hours of dual in the sim, 10 hours of dual in the aircraft, and 25 hours of cross-country time. That’s ground school, 35 hours of multi and 5 hours of sim for $3495. You aren’t going to beat PIC multi time in a Garmin 430 GPS and HSI equipped Seminole for less than $100 per hour.

The requirements are: 250 hours total time, 10 hours of multi in the last 6 months, a Multi-Commercial Instrument rating, and instrument currency/proficiency. It’s a great time builder for those who are looking to improve their resume. If you don’t have your Multi-Commercial, we can do that for you in 4 days time – doing the rating with us also gives you the 10 hours multi required for the new ASAP Program.

The program takes 7 days to complete, and there’s no limit to how many 35-hour blocks you can buy. If you need 100 hours total but can’t take the time off to do it all at once, this will give you a way to break it up over three 7-day periods. The program will initially be offered at our Jacksonville location. But, we were told that the program would also be offered at a number of locations around the country starting in a month or so.

If you have any questions, call me at 800-255-2877 and I’ll fill you in.

My goal in posting at the various websites is to get as many people as possible aware of a really economical time building program that is brand new. As far as I'm concerned, word of mouth is the best advertisement -- and I have not been shy about my experience with ATP. As a 33 year-old with a family who left a very successful career to persue a dream, ATP has gotten me closer to my goal in a shorter time than I ever thought possible. Do I want this company to continue to grow -- absolutely. Does more business for them mean that I will be out of the office pool sooner and getting 80-100 hrs. of multi per month -- absolutely. But, would I write about a program that is not as advertised or a company that is simply money hungry -- absolutely not. As both a student and now as an employee, I can honestly say that ATP delivers what they promise for the price quoted. As most of you know, that is a real rarity in the flight training business.

I have been a regular at for over a year now. I believe that it is a place for aspiring pilots to learn about all of the various options available to them at every step of the way. Are my previous posts in the ATP section describing my experience in the Career Pilot Program advertising? If you consider that I wrote about a specific program and encouraged others to take a closer look -- then I guess you could call that advertising as well. I know that when I started my quest to become a pilot, I appreciated every bit of information I got from Jetcareers. By getting the information about this new program out, I hope that others who are looking to climb the ladder but are short on multi time will have another option to condsider.

As far as taking personal swipes at me, insinuating that I paid ATP money so I could answer their phones, I would only say that I worked my tail off, passed every checkride, and am now a CFI/CFII/MEI with the best flight instructingI job in America -- I will be getting 80-100 hours per month of multi dual given and working for a nationally recognized company that has no shortage of customers. If you saw the resumes that come in every week hoping to get the chance to "answer phones" for ATP, you might rethink your post.

I would request that if you have a problem with something that I post in the future, have the maturity and decency to explain your position and give me a chance to respond -- who knows, we might even change each other's minds and/or learn something new in the process.

Fly safe and be well...
Best flight instructing job in America? Don't think so,,,,,How much are they paying you again???(rhetorical question). Hey, I'm not knocking ATP, in fact based on what friends have told me in the past (who went there), It's a good school. The best flight instructing job in America? No. That is part of the reason they left. There's nothing wrong with being proud of or happy about where you are,,,, just relax,,,,,, all he did was ask if you were advertising. Simple question I think. Certainly didn't call for your tangent. Anyway, good luck and don't take these little comments so seriously. Hope this helps.

Have to agree. the best instructing job is

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Lighten up a little travis..... you went through the program earned your CFI/CFII/MEI ratings and good for you. I know thats tough I have those ratings also. What I think is a little harsh is that ATP made you move across the country, away from your family? for an undetermined amount of time in order to answer phones and sell their program. What exactly does that have to do with being a good flight instructor? Zero.

All that does is allow the company to save some cash by adding some useless hurdle in your dream to turn a dollar flying airplanes. I'm quessing that in a perferct world you would probably like to skip this little marketing requirement. I sure don't know of any other big schools that make their instructors do this.
I will say that you do sound like a good salesman....maybe your just a multi facited guy I don't know.
I do hate being away from my family -- that's why I'm flying home to see them this weekend. But, being here has given me the opportunity to get a close look at the company and how it is run -- if I am going to be working for and with them, I think that this experience is a positive one. Yes, it allows me to be a better salesman because after being here I know exactly what our company is, who runs it, and what we offer. And this time here isn't just about answering phones -- we went through three days of company orientation, CATS testing orientation, are given a recency flight in the Seminole every ten days, have 24 hour a day access to the AST 300 sim, and are encouraged to spend some time at the airport watching and learning from the instructors (we can and do backseat anytime we want).

I guess I could look at it as some useless hurdle -- but that would be a waste of time and energy. I guess using that logic, we could also call recurrent training at an airline some useles hurdle -- after all, we already know how to fly that plane, right? I will continue to focus on the positive, work hard and move forward -- I have seen both in my previous career and in my flight training that perception, hard work and attitude has as much to do with success as skill.

I feel as strongly as I do about my job based on three things: my experience in the Career Pilot Program, my impressions of the company since arriving here, the amount of quality multi time I'll be getting, and the planes I'll be flying during my time at ATP. I stand by my statements.
Darn, I forgot to chill out and lost my counting skills...

I feel that way based on FOUR things...
Despite bustin your chops way up the thread (at least mine was a one-liner), are you in Sac? I may try to visit there soon, as it is pretty close to me now...
I'm actually at the corporate offices in Jacksonville. Sac has much smaller office space than Riverside, but it's one of our busiest locations right now. If you do make it over there, let me know what you think.
I've visited there recently if you have any questions or need to know where it is. I currently live in Sac.
Hey socal

What if you just want to time build w/out the sim and ground school? I am finishing up at a flight school just south of you, and we fly the brand new seminoles as well, I just want the multi time. Do they hire instructors from outside? What about if you do the CFI/CFII/MEI at ATP, then will they hire you? How long does it take before you start work and stop answering phones? Later, man.

Well, i might be dropping myself into SAC with an ArcherII soon to pick up my brother, so I was thinking about paying ATP a visit.. any insights? I am a 110hr pilot and am looking at beginning "someones" program by years end..

I think on balance I like what I have been reading. Its expensive, but at 32, I think the short time frame and multi-time might be a good way to go..

I have been researching just about every multi program out there and I think that ATP is where I'm leaning. I thought the facility was fine. Not fancy or anything so it seems to me that it will help you focus on the flying and learning. I spoke to a couple of new students to the ACP and they said they loved it (second week). I also spoke to one of the Instructors and he was a nice guy and seemed very knowledgable. As far as the multi goes...that is the key to the program and why I plan on going there. They are hard to find, look for the small ATP sticker on the front door.

When you come out let me know if you need a place to stay.
Glad to hear that you had a good impression of ATP. Call me at the 800 number of you have any follow up questions.